Welcome to Platform Galeri

The Platform Galeri started life as the first discotheque in North Wales, and in recent years was used as a dark and dusty storeroom for the retail units above.

Jacha Potgieter however, saw the potential to transform the space into somewhere he could exhibit his artwork and raise awareness of conservation issues.

With the help of a group of local builders and artist blacksmith Gerallt Evans, Jacha has realised his dream of opening his own gallery. The Platform Galeri is now a light and airy, modern, innovative space displaying Jacha’s collection of mixed media artwork.

The gallery predominately exhibits Jacha’s own work, although select guest artists will be on display during the year.

Exhibition space also extends into Jacha's Alpine Coffee Shop where you can enjoy palm oil free dining amongst the artwork, and for those looking for something extra special there are also his Betws-y-Coed holiday-lets the Alpine Apartments, where works and installations abound.

Opening days and times

  • Wednesday - Sunday 10:30 - 5:00
  • Monday and Tuesday - closed

Meet the Artists

Jacha Potgieter

Jacha's work is often much larger than life and features images of people looking directly back at the viewer, turning the tables on the idea of viewing art as you get a sense of the art viewing you. Jacha is also a master of interior design — witness the exciting eclectic style of his accommodation in Betws-y-Coed.

You can read more about Jacha on Africa Geographic.

In summer 2015 Jacha's photos were used to illustrate an article on Borneo in Diversions magazine.


Jacha visits Cameroon

Jacha appointed as ambassador for Orangutan Appeal UK

Jacha is very proud to have recently been announced as the new ambassador for Orangutan Appeal UK, these photos are a selection he took on a recent trip to Malaysia with OAUK.

Orangutan Appeal UK

Jacha Exhibits in the House of Commons and at Getty Images Gallery 2014 and 2015

On Tuesday 28th of October 2014 Jacha, Gwyn and Galeri Manager Kate Vincent went down to London to an evening reception at the House of Commons. The evening was hosted by Bill Wiggin MP on behalf of Orangutan Appeal UK. There was an exhibition of photographs by Cede Prudente (a top Indonesian photographer and conservationist) and Jacha’s paintings and photographs. There was an exclusive preview of the new documentary series, Meet the Orangutans which features Sue Sheward MBE (founder of Orangutan Appeal UK).

Then on Thursday 30th of October Jacha was invited to exhibit his paintings and photographs at Getty Images Gallery in London again alongside Cede Prudente. There was a live auction on the evening, where one of Jacha’s prints was auctioned. The whole evening was again on behalf of Orangutan Appeal UK.

On October 29th 2015, Jacha, Gwyn and Kate again went down to London for an event in the House of Commons hosted by Bill Wiggins MP on behalf of Orangutan Appeal UK. Jacha exhibited his latest photograph’s and a painting of Peanut, one of the orangutan stars from the Meet the Orangutans documentary series. The painting sold on the evening for £750 with all the money going to help Orangutan Appeal UK. It was announced on the evening that Paul O’Grady is to be the new patron of the charity.

Orangutan Appeal UK

African Grey Parrot sculpture

Jacha’s African Grey Parrot sculpture is to draw people’s attention to the fact that thousands of these fantastic birds are caught every year to supply the pet trade. Unfortunately a very high proportion of the birds captured for the pet trade die en-route from capture, to the market. The majority of pet parrots are kept alone in cages, a far cry away from the social birds they are in the wild, used to seeking the comfort and security of their peers, roosting in groups and flying in large flocks. A lack of knowledge of a grey parrot’s natural diet results in many captive grey parrots ending up obese, socially awkward ‘problem children’.


Please call Kate on 01690 733796 or email art at platformgaleri dot co dot uk. We are always delighted to hear from artists as well as art-lovers!

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Bespoke Kitchens

Commission your new kitchen from a gallery! For bespoke kitchens like the ones built by Jacha and his team of craftsmen at the Alpine Apartments, please get in touch.