This painting and sculpture is Jacha's personal interpretation of the massacre of vulnerable wild animals for bushmeat. Many of the animals are endangered species. Jacha has imagined himself in the situation of the exploited animals. Exposed and vulnerable, a woman about to be raped and unable to do anything to stop it. Making people aware of what the word bushmeat means is very important to him. In Africa, the forest is often referred to as “the bush”, therefore the meat derived from it is referred to as “bushmeat”. This term applies to all wildlife species (including threatened and endangered) used for meat, including: elephant, gorilla, chimpanzee and other primates, forest antelope, crocodile, porcupine, bush pig, cane rat, pangolin, monitor lizard, guinea fowl etc. PLEASE NOTE - THIS ITEM IS NOT FOR SALE ONLINE. Please get in touch to discuss commissions.
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