Keratine domes 3

This installation is protesting against the use of Rhino horn as a medicine. In traditional Chinese medicine, rhino horn is shaved or ground into a powder and dissolved in boiling water, then used to treat fever, rheumatism, gout and other disorders. According to a 16th Century Chinese pharmacist the horn could also treat snakebites, hallucinations, typhoid, headaches, vomiting, food poisoning and “devil possession”. Rhino horns are made up largely of largely of the protein keratin, also the main component in hair, fingernails and animal hooves. Overall there isn't much evidence to support the many claims about the healing properties of rhino horn, so you’d do just as well chewing on your fingernails. PLEASE NOTE - THIS ITEM IS NOT FOR SALE ONLINE. Please get in touch to discuss commissions
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